Monday, October 20, 2014

China Day 2 - William Day

This was a really tough day. William cried very hard and begged the orphanage staff not to leave him with us. He will not let us comfort him, and sat on a chair by the window for hours, just crying. He kept telling our guide about his friends that he misses and that he wants to go buy necklaces to give to the nannies. Tracy, our guide from Holt, said he is very articulate and expressive. When we got off the bus, he asked the driver to be sure to come back and pick him up and take him back to the orphanage. 

We walked to the mall and he cracked an accidental smile at me one time. He quickly recovered when he realized what he was doing. William had already told Tracy that he absolutely would not eat. She inquired about his favorite food and he said, "Coke". Papa Johns was the restaurant of choice tonight. Immediately we got him a Coke, yes me, the "no Coke mom". He allowed me to give him a few sips. Then when some spaghetti arrived I noticed an itsy glimmer of interest in his eyes. I offered him the noodles and he ate quite a few bites, just like a true Italian. At bedtime he freaked out at the idea of changing out of his clothes. He said they were gifts from the nannies. Tracy said he may want to wear them a very long time. So currently he is sound asleep in his jeans. 

We have to return to the Civil Affairs office in the morning to sign paperwork.Hopefully we can keep him from seeing the orphanage staff. We appreciate everyone's prayers for hope and healing for our littlest guy. 
On a positive note...he sure is cute and oh so 'cool'.


  1. He is adorable....we are praying for him and for you guys. He sounds like a really smart guy, just like Ivy! Love the pic of her being a big sis and also him eating spaghetti....
    Love you and miss you all so much....

  2. Here is yet another comparison on adoption of a child and our adoption into the family of God.Children come from much of no future to being given a name,a family and home and a future with unlimited possibilities! Yet,they only see what they know,what they are comfortable with,so they reject that which is good.When we share the Gospel,I find it unbelievable when people reject Jesus,His home,His family,the future He has prepared for live in the only place they know....sin,hopelessness and death.We are praying William will soon realize that he has been given something so rare that 153 million orphans won't even know.God has HUGE plans for this little guy.In the meantime,sweets aren't going to ruin him...might even be able to bribe him into getting out of those jeans for a bath! We love you guys and you are deep within our prayers.

  3. The pic of Ivy with her arm supporting him is so sweet.