Monday, June 10, 2013

One Year Home Video

Hope you enjoy watching our 'One Year Home' video posted below. Be sure to turn up the volume.
Heres another link to the video if you have trouble viewing it: One Year Video

We are often asked questions related to adoption, so we are hoping to start a series soon where we will attempt to answer your questions. You may leave questions in the comment section or email me privately at

Ni Hao Yall


  1. What a beautiful video!

    It left me in's amazing what a year can do!

    (visiting from Sunday Snapshot)

  2. Great video--great family. Love you guys!

  3. So beautiful!! I was smiling and teary by the all have done such a fantastic job capturing all the emotion of this process! Love you!!!

  4. Oh my, these are tears of joy! Thanks so very much for sharing. Ivy is one blessed little girl. Love and hugs to all.
    Uncle Steve and Aunt Glenda

  5. Daniel and I are in tears! You don't know how this encouraged us today.We see how far you've all come with Ivy. Being back with the boys for almost 6 months,we are encouraged to see what's coming at the one year mark! Your family is a HUGE blessing to our family.We looove the song!!!